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Face Your Skin.

A carefully curated minimal menu designed for your skins specific needs. All facials include extraction if the pore is ready to be extracted.

LED reset


The 'Lit' Facial.

Beginning with an extensive double cleanse - depending on your skin your Esthetician will choose an LED colour that will benefit your skin concerns. Hot and cold therapy is  used in this facial to amp up the results.

Designed for:

+ Sensitive Skin

+ Redness and Inflammation

+ Rosacea

+ Hydration



The "Smooth" Facial.

This facial consists of skin resurfacing that gently exfoliates and polishes the top layer of dead skin cells. This will begin to stimulate collagen to reveal healthy new skin that looks brighter and feels smoother. Next, we infuse a customized serum into the skin and end off with LED light therapy to strengthen and revive. 

Helps treat:

+ Congested Skin

+ Improves Texture
+ Minimizes Build up

+ Acne

+ Dry Skin




The "Electric" Facial.

Using micro currents with LED and radio frequency skin tightening, this facial is curated to stimulate your facial muscles and iron out any fine lines and wrinkles. The energy from these modalities are designed to help contour your facial bone structures, ending this facial with a Gua Sha lymphatic drainage massage.

Designed to:

+ Decrease puffiness and swelling

+ Tighter looking skin
+ Tone facial muscles

+ Smooth Out Fine Lines

the full sculpt


The "Stimulating" Facial

This facial begins with a gentle skin resurfacing  that exfoliates and polishes the top layer of dead skin cells which allows for better penetration of our customized serums. Micro current, Radio Frequency and Heat work together to stimulate collagen and smooth any fine lines and wrinkles. Lastly, ending off with LED light therapy to strengthen and awaken the skin.

Your skin will thank you for this one.
Designed to:
+ Takes off all dead skin for a more brighter appearance
+ Work out your facial muscle memory to lift and sculpt
+ Increase collagen and elastin production
+ Decrease puffiness

+ Immediate brightening and hydration




The "Collagen" Facial.


This hyaluronic infused facial targets skin that needs a little extra love. Using nano-scopic needles to penetrate the epidermis, sections of the face are targeted to induce collagen,

re-define texture, and plump up fine lines.

No downtime - no pain,
just a lot more collagen.
Designed to:
+ Improves new scarring
+ Tightens pore size
+ Improves skin 
+ Balances and restores a        healthy and refreshed glow 
+ Instant skin plumpness
+ Helps even out skin tone

the full sculpt

choose from one of our active serum "shots"

These are not your average facials.

Check out our feature facials

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