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from backs to back sides


back glow.

If you are experiencing congestion, breakouts and/or scarring on areas other than your face, then we've got your back! 

Designed for:

+ Congestion and build up
+ Back acne

+ Uneven skin tone
+ Scarring

Like regular facials, we recommend this in a series if you suffer from back congestion.

booty smoothie

Includes upper thigh.

Lets face it, we all want a smooth, even, bikini ready bum.

This body treatment begins with an invigorating cleanse with an antibacterial mitt to stimulate the cells. Next, we use a diamond encrusted pad to gently smooth and resurface the skin, removing 10-15 layers of unwanted buildup and scrubbing away bumps on the booty and back of thigh area. Extracting, restoring, and firming are all completed via different tools and techniques.

Designed to:
+ Smooth rough skin 
+ Unclog pores
+ Even out skin tone

colour correction

aka, a spray tan.

This service is a temporary fix when it comes to evening out your skin tone, hiding little nicks and scrapes and overall a beautiful subtle sun-kissed glow!

Results last between 7-14 days dependant on specific factors.

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